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Hello Summer

By: Evelyn K. ’26

Summer is here. As May zoomed on by, students happily greeted June. Students no longer havet to count the days until summer — now they are enjoying every minute of their day.

As school starts winds down, the teachers gave their last few assignments. As the workload started to ease, everyone at school felt the summer presence. Both the teachers and students are excited for travel, camp, and mostly freedom.  What will the students do? How will they use their three months? Students said they were excited to do what they could not do last summer due to the pandemic and the summer shutdow.

“Super! My best friend is moving to North Carolina. We have the same birthday so we decided that we would meet each other in North Carolina for the Fourth of July and our birthday (which is two days later),” said Julia P. ‘25. 

Some students still want to focus and improve on their hobbies, aside from relaxing. Some spend their time traveling with family, but also training for their sports.

Georgia E. ‘25 said, “I have nationals for dance, I am traveling to London, and I am probably going on a road trip with my whole family.”

The last summer that students really travelled was in 2019. Due to COVID-19, 2020 summer felt different. Now in the summer of 2021, students are ready to throw away those rules. The vaccine has allowed us to see our friends and family without worry. This summer, students plan to have the best time. Many are hopeful that last year’s experience will make them more grateful than ever.

Vannessa B.‘25 said, “Last summer, we couldn’t go anywhere, this summer I get to go out to summer camps and I get to see my friends.”

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Travel, Voyager, Viajar, 旅行者

The world is different in every city, country, continent, EXPLORE THE WORLD!

By: Dani S. ’27

You know the feeling after a long long plane and you are exhausted and you wake up in a panic because you feel the plane land and you are finally at your destination. Or the feeling when you have a bucket list of all the places that you want to visit, and you finally check the box of the place you wanted to go. Those for me are the best feeling ever. 

What is your favorite place in the world? My personal favorite is Japan. When I went to Japan, it was a completely different world, culture, and experience. With so many countries, student had different places and different experiences.

Amayas M. ’27 said, “My favorite type of trip is when I go to El Salvador. I usually go to the city first and see all of my cousins. We enjoy the city and all there is to do. I can’t wait to go back when the COVID-19 clears up.” 

The world has amazing places to visit. Sofia M. ’27 went to Greece and shares her experiences. “My favorite trip is Greece because I love their beaches and traditional foods. I also enjoyed the greek art I discovered.”

A lot of people are from around the world. There are people from Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and so many more. Every culture and place nis different — that’s what makes the world so amazing. 

Francesca Z. (27) said, “My favoirte culture I have seen has been in Brazil.” 

The world has over 3814 different cultures. Can you imagine how each culture is different? Don’t you want to explore and get to know every single culture or country in the world. The world also has so many languages too. We barely know the world,  so we need to explore and summertime is the perfect time to start checking off items in your bucketlist. So where are you going this summer? Make sure you make it a learning experience and get to know the country’s culture.

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Celebrating the Children

By: Andrea P.G. ’26

On May 5th, a holiday was celebrated at the Middle School. The day after the science and engineering department celebrating May the Fourth Be with You, the World Language deparment celebrated World Children’s Day. The holiday is celebrated in Japan, and children celebate by doing different fun acitivites, like origami or koinobori. We asked Japanese students about this day. 

A very popular thing to do on World Children’s Day is koinobori. Koinobori are fish flags. Koinobori means carp streamer. These symbolize Children’s Day. All Koinobori are made in different patterns or styles. These are popular on Worlds Children’s Day. 

How to Make a Koinobori (carp streamer)

Photo credit gltjp

Origami is another popular thing to do on Children’s Day. Origami hats are very popular to make. They are also fun and you can be creative with them. If you’re interested in making a hat, visit this site: How to make an origami hat that you can wear

Photo credit:

Oriental Souls

Photo Credit

Wall Street Journal

Photo Credit

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Summer – Time to Search For Some Sun, Sand and Surf

By: Simone M. ’26

From South Beach surfing to Key Biscayne’s clear waters, there is no doubt that beaches are by far one of the most popular attractions in Florida. We asked students, “What Florida beaches do you like best?”

Here are the TOP FOUR BEACHES:

#1. SOUTH BEACH – South Beach is one of the few beaches in Florida that has surfable waves. South beach attracts many tourists and visitors during the summertime. Isabel McG. ’26 said, “My favorite beach is probably South Beach because of the big waves.” It is definitely worth a visit from everybody.

#2. COCOA BEACH – Cocoa Beach is also a great surf spot. Located on the central eastern coast of Florida, Cocoa Beach has many restaurants, shops and tourist attractions to visit too. Sydney B. ’26 said, “My favorite beach is Coco beach because it has good waves to surf.” This surfing is definitely worth a visit.

#3. Key Biscayne/Crandon Park Beach – Key Biscayne is the place to go for a relaxing day on the beach. A short walk will lead you to the Cape Florida Lighthouse located in Bill Baggs park. Fernanda NF ’26 said, “My favorite thing about the beach is seeing the sunset or the sunrise.” To experience a nice day at the beach, Key Biscayne is the place to go.”

#4. Clearwater Beach – To have a fun and peaceful day at the beach, go to Clearwater beach which is on the central east coast of Florida in Gulf of Mexico waters. The clear water is remarkable, and the memories will be special. If it’s for family fun or a relaxing day, Clearwater beach is the perfect place to be. Sarah S. said, “My favorite beach is Clearwater Beach because of the clear water.” Definitely give Clearwater Beach a stay.
With Florida surrounded by waters on both sides, there are many options for beaches.
Students voted for the top four Florida Beaches.

Here are more sources for you when reseacrching what Florida beach you and your family want to visit this summer.

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Trending Now: The Top 5 Anime on Netflix

By: Alejandro S.P. ’27

How much do you know about Anime?

Anime is a hand-drawn, computer animation created in Japan.  The first record of Japanese anime was in a short and simple cartoon created in 1907.  The cartoons became longer by 1917, but as the industry grew, a major earthquake shook Japan in 1923 which destroyed much of the work.  World War II changed the theme of Anime from entertainment to propaganda for a few years.  The anime industry really formed in the 1960s.  Historical animations became popular in Japan in the early 60s.  By 1963, a very famous Anime came out called Astroboy, which was about a robot boy superhero.  This show became popular in America in the 1960s.  Another anime from Japan, which also came out in the 1960s was called Kimba the White Lion.  It was Japan’s first color TV show and it went global.

In the 1970s, the anime industry improved in quality and many new genres began to blossom. Viewers enjoy watching Anime for a plethora of reasons.  But what do students today say about anime?

Maddox LK ’27 said, “I like anime for its suspense, action, mystery, it is full of awesome battles (the cool type), powers and cool effects.”  

There are  a total of thirty-six genres. Tthey are as follows: romance, action, shonen, seinen, mecha, slice of life, sci-fi, magic, harem, isekai, psychology, mystery, sports, fantasy, comedy, drama, horror, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, adventure, supernatural, cyberpunk, game, demons, military, historical, kids, martial arts, music, police, school, parody, space, tragedy, vampire, and yuri. Within the mecha genre, Cyborgs became popular characters and this era inspired the seemingly endless overlapping genres which exist today.  

There were several attributes to consider when deciding the TOP FIVE anime to watch on Netflix. Many viewers are drawn to their relation to Anime. 

Josh S. ’27 said, “I like Anime because I can relate to it.” 

Whereas, the criteria I used to determine which anime made the list were the IMDb, which represents the “in full internet Movie Database” rating, the rp ratings to ensure it was age appropriate, and my personal interests. 

The FIFTH Anime to watch on Netflix, with an IMDb rating of 7.6 is Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online takes place in the year of 2022 where gamers are trapped in a new massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Kirito is one of the strongest players in the game and he attempts to escape. This anime is a romantic thriller and is worth watching. 

Sword Art Online

The FOURTH anime to watch on Netflix, with an IMDb rating of 8.7 is One Piece. One Piece is a comedic, adventurous Anime filled with numerous plot twists. A young Pirate named Monkey D. Luffy searches for the legendary “One Piece’ treasure. The person that claims the treasure wins the ultimate title of “Pirate King”. If you’re into adventure, this is the Anime for you. 

Gonzalo V. (6) agreed and said, “in my opinion, the best Anime I have watched is One Piece.”

 One Piece

The THIRD Anime to watch on Netflix, with an IMDb rating of 8.7 is Demon Slayer: Kimetzu no Yaiba. This anime is filled with emotion. The viewer will experience an array of emotions like sadness, excitement, and heartbreak. Tanjiro’s family is killed by demons and only his sister survives. But unfortunately, she’s slowly morphing into a demon herself. To vindicate his sister, Tanjio is on a quest to become a demon slayer. This is another anime worth watching. 

Demon Slayer 

The SECOND anime to watch on Netflix, with an IMDb rating of 8.9 is Hunter x Hunter. Raised as an orphan, Gon Freecs lives on a remote island. After finding out his father is alive and is one of the top hunters in the world, Gon Freecs dedicates his life to doing the same. Hunter x Hunter is another adventurous Anime that you will probably love. 

Maddox L.K. (6) agreed and said, “The best Anime is Hunter X Hunter.”

Hunter X Hunter 

Lastly, the NUMBER ONE anime to watch on Netflix in 2021, with an IMDb rating of 9.1 is Fullmetal Alchemist & Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. This is one of the best Anime you will ever watch. It is filled with tragedy, highs and lows while taking the viewer on an amazing journey. It is a story of Edward and Alphonse Elric, brothers who survived an accident hoping to right their wrongs. This Anime explores global war. 

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 

No matter your interest or favorite genre, these computer animated drawings are fun-filled, action-packed thrillers worth watching. I hope you find the right one for you. It is a world worth exploring. 


External Links:

External Links:

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Students Share Hobbies For Summertime

By: Ella M. ’25

As creative Gulliver students wrap up the year, some might be looking for new hobbies to do so that their summer will be filled with fun. With more time, students will begin exploring and engaging in their favorite arts hobbies. If you are looking for a therapeutic hobby this is the one for you. 

“My favorite hobby is making jewelry, more specifically making necklaces. I enjoy this hobby because it helps me relieve stress,” said Vera L.  ’25.

It is proven that jewelry making helps to calm nerves and keeps you focused on one thing at a time. If intense beading isn’t quite your thing Sofia C. might have a challenging hobby that will keep you interested and wanting more.  

“My favorite hobby is knitting, I enjoy it because it gives me some alone time and keeps me challenged,” said Sofia C. ’25.

Rather than having a simple hobby, knitting keeps you fascinated because it is not the easiest thing to master. If you think knitting or jewelry making isn’t quite your thing and just like to draw, then why not try digital drawing otherwise known as drawing on an ipad. This way you can save your drawings forever and turn them into cool things like stickers or printed posters. An app used by most students that like to draw online is Procreate. It allows you to use multiple different brush tools and colors with your drawings.

“I like digital drawing the best because I feel like I can express myself through this and create whatever I want,” said Brianna M. ’25.

Apps like procreate help students best express their artistic skills and turn them into reality.

“Another reason why I enjoy digital drawing is because it gives me a challenge, said Briana. “It is a lot more difficult to draw on the ipad and I like that challenge because it keeps me interested.”

There are many more hobbies out there for you to try and explore, but the question is which one will you keep coming back to for more?

Artwork by: Ella M. ’25
By: Ella M. ’25

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Zany Zodiacs

By Dani S. ’27

The galaxy is made of many different things one of those are zodiac signs, but do you ever wonder what’s up there? One of the things that are up there are zodiac signs. There are 12 zodiac signs. They are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. It depends on one’s birthdays.  Some people get described by their zodiac signs, but what are their favorites and why?

Amanda L. (27) said, “My favorite zodiac signs are Taurus and Sagittarius.”

There has been a trend on TikTok that zodiac signs describe you or other fun games and clips. Or perhaps, you just like the word better. Many students are content with their zodiac signs.

“I wouldn’t change my zodiac sign, Capicorn, because I love my birthday because it’s December,” said Daniela S. ’27. ” It’s cold, and it’s the same month of Christmas. I would also not change my zodiac sign because I love how it’s spelled and I love the sign.” 

Some students love their zodiac sign because it’s close to Christmas or it’s in the summer, but other studebts hate their zodiac sign and would change their zodiac sign.

Sasha B. (27)said,  “If I could change my zodiac sign, I would probably change it to Taurus because I like May, and I think it would be fun to have my birthday leading up into my favorite season, summer.”

The galaxy is filled with too many things, and more than half we don’t know what they are. One of those things are zodiac signs. There are 12 of those signs. Each person has one of those sign and it depends on one’s birthday.  Do you know what your Zodiac sign is? This chart will detail what Zodiac sign you are. By: Dani S. on Adobe Spark
Learn more about your Zodiac Sign –

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Covid Concerns

By: Tate K.G. ’26

Are you concerned about safety with COVID-19? Well the Covid vaccine can help you feel much safer. 

At first, the vaccine was administered to health professionals and the elderly. Soon thereafter, adults were able to receive it and just weeks agto, the vaccines in Florida was also being given to children over the age of 12.

For the last year, our lives have been altered. Things have changed, and we have adjusted to a new normal. But how much longer will our new normal have to be?

“I believe to be able to resume normal life, it was important to get the vaccine,” mathematics teacher Mrs. Stacey Garcia said. “To be able to make sure I was doing my part to be safe was very important to me.”

You also might be wondering what it might feel like — if it hurts? For everyone, it is different and some might experience side effects. 

Mr. Wahid Belfadil, mathematics teacher, said, “I did not have any symptoms with the first shot, but with the second shot, I had a slight fever.”

Teachers were not the only ones who were getting the vaccine. Parents felt the importance of getting back to normal and avoiding getting COVID-19. For many, their experience varied — some good, some bad, but overall, they knew they would be safer if vaccinated.

Serge said, “I got both my shots at Tropical park, and my experience was great with kind workers.” 

If you’re feeling curious on where it is safe to get your shot try asking around your community and call your local CVS pharmacy to see if they have shots available. Aside from local pharmacies and hospitals, some grocery stores are also offerring vaccines.

“I was vaccinated at a Publix pharmacy.  It was really easy to set up the appointment.  The staff there was great and the people who administered the shots were both kind and gentle.  Afterwards, I had to wait about 15 minutes to make sure I had no adverse reactions to either shot and then I was free to go,” Mr. Antonio Giraldez, history teacher said.

While living through a pandemic, we were all separtated by 6 feet, but coming together as a community starts by everyone doing his/her own part to stop the spread of the virus. To get vaccinated is a very important part to end COVID-19 and with more people getting the vaccine, we are one step closer to starting to go back to our normal pre-Covid lives.

“I think it is important for all of us to do our part and prevent this virus from spreading and mutating,” Mr. James Johnson, English teacher, said. “Vaccination will do that.”

View the teachers who received their COVID-19 vaccine –
13 teachers responded to a Google Form interview.
Aside from Gulliver offerring the vaccine, teachers also got the vaccines in local pharmacies and hospitals throughout Miami-Dade County.
Visit for more information on where you can get your vaccine.

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Trending on Instagram

By: Anna C. ’26

Everyday something new is uploaded on Instagram. Some students go on Instagram to get inspiration, while others browse Instagram simply for entertainment. Nonethless, there is always something new to see when you refresh your feed. Here are some of the latest Instagram trends! 

Instagram has lately been the main source of promoting small businesses. Many new small businesses joined Instagram during the COVID-19 pandemic, and they are on fire! Many students here at Gulliver have small businesses or have bought from small businesses. Speaking of small businesses…

Sophia K. ’27 said, “My favorite Instagram trend is jewelry because of the many different types and varieties. Some of my favorite stores are pura vida and small businesses like Amour jewels.” 

Instagram also has a variety of different posts these posts include sports, art, ect… Instrgaram posts can also raise awareness for different causes. For example, this year when some teams signed a contract to leave the UEFA. Various soccer teams took it to Instagram to spread awareness. 

“My favorite instagram trends are the soccer posts,” said Borja B. ’27.

Lastly, some students enjoy reading inspiring quotes. These quotes can help students stay organized and motivated. Quotes are also a huge trend on instagram because they spread positivity, and even though it is just a quote through a screen they may give you good advice. 

Fernanda N. ’26 said, ‘“My favorite Instagram trends are the inspirational quotes that people post.”

What is your favorite instagram trend? Tell us in our scholastic Instagram account, The Raider Flash.

Fernanda N. shares her favorite quote that she found on Instagram.
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Swiftly Staying Fearless

By: Andrea PG ’26

Taylor Swift is a very well-known artist today. As of now, she has 10 studio albums including her newest one Fearless Taylor’s version. Taylor has been breaking barriers, especially for country artists. She has won many awards in her career, but she didn’t reach her way to the top easily.

Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989. Her first song, Tim Mcgraw peaked at number 40 on the charts in 2006. From there, she released her debut self-titled album. It peaked at number 19. Two years later, she released her second album Fearless which peaked at number 157 in 2008. Fast forward to 2021, Taylor’s version of Fearless peaked at number one. 

Students responded to a series of questions about Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is a very well-known artist, but that doesn’t mean everyone listens to her music as evident in the interiews.

Many ask why Taylor is re-recording Fearless. She announced the re-recording of her albums in 2019 when her contract with Big Machine records had ended. When Taylor was 14, she met Scott Borchetta at an industry showcase in Nashville in 2005. This was in the very beginning of the Big Machine Records idea. Scott Borchetta decided to sign Taylor for 14 years — that would be 2005 to 2018. Taylor signed a contract that gave ownership of the master recordings to her first six albums in exchange for a cash advance to kick-start her career. This meant they could use her music for anything they wanted even if it was about something she didn’t stand for. This is why she is re-recording all of her albums from 2005 to 2018.

When 2018 was over, Scott tried to convince Taylor to sign again. This was because she was extremely successful and not only that but she was making 80% of Big Machine’s income. Scott told Taylor she could get ownership of her albums back every time she released a new album. So, she would have to release 6 new albums and that’s a lot of work. Taylor decided to leave big machine and now she is with Republic records.

Big Machine Records Statement

There has been drama in Taylor’s career. One of the most famous being her feud with Kanye West. This feud took place in 2009 at the MTV music awards. Taylor was 19 when this happened, and this was first when she was reaching stardom. She had won ‘Best Female Video of the Year’ award for ‘You Belong With Me’ which was also in her album Fearless. While she was saying her speech Kanye West comes on stage and says that he is really happy for Taylor, but that Beyonce has one of the best videos of all time. Then Beyonce when onstage to accept her award for Best Music Video of the Year she invited Taylor Swift up on stage to finish her speech. Taylor had said that she didn’t hate him because she doesn’t know him but that she was a fan before the incident. 

Photo credit: Complex 
VMA’S 2009: 

Kanye West and Taylor Swift incident 

Beyonce invites Taylor Swift up on stage to finish her speech

Taylor Swift talking about Kanye West Incident 

Then in 2015, at the exact same award show, Taylor Swift gives an award to Kanye. Kanye then apologies to Taylor for what he did to Taylor seven years back. Finally, the bad blood has ended, right? WRONG.

-Photo Credit NBC News
VMA’S 2015:

Kanye West Thanks Taylor Swift

Taylor Presents award to Kanye

In 2016, the song ‘Famous’ is released. The song talks about how he made this person famous and the other one. He also talks about he made Taylor Famous in the song. I won’t be putting the lyrics since there not very kind, all you need to know is that Taylor wasn’t very happy with the song. Kanye had called Taylor and asked her for permission to use her name in the song she said yes and Kanye told Taylor that he would show her the song once it was finished. Turns out he didn’t show her the song and Taylor said she never gave him permission to say that. Then the phone call of them talking was posted by Kim, but this wasn’t the real version it was edited. Then in 2020, the real version was leaked and then Taylor was proven to be saying the truth. 

Taylor Swift & Kanye West Relationship Timeline

To conclude, Taylor had to work for her success and many people have hated on her, and she has kept on going.

What do you think about Taylor and her feud with Kanye? How about Taylor Swift’s Fearless version? Tell us what you think on our Instagram post.

Photo Credit: Time magazine
Photo credit: Yahoo Magazine
Photo Credit: Teen Vogue